LWGA Tournament
Schedule / Tee Sheet / Results

  • The LWGA tournament schedule, including the Tee sheet and Results can be accessed via LWGA Events from the Landings Club App or by clicking here
  • The team captain for each week is as follows: 1st week of the month = #1 on the team, 2nd week = #2 on the team, 3rd week in # 3 on the team, 4th week is # 4 on the team.  5th week or less than 4 team members = #1 on the team.
  • The Tee sheet will indicate the tee from which you play in addition to your starting time, hole, and GGID.
  • Your Golf Genius Team ID (GGID) number can be found on the Tee sheet to the left of your team.
  • Please check-in at the course a half an hour prior to your tee time.  

Click Here to sign up on the LWGA Events Page.

11/30/2021Team Nassau / 1BB Front, Back, OverallMG
12/7/20211BB Even, 2BB OddDC
12/14/2021General Mtg / ABCD ScramblePA/TP
1/4/ 20221 BB Odds 2 BB EvensOR
1/111 BB Gross 1 BB NetMW
1/181 BBMG
1/25Team NassauDC
2/8Neighborhood Challenge /2-person Scramble Match PlayMW
2/151BB 4’s 5’s 2 BB 3’sTP
2/221BB Odds, 2BB EvensOR
3/11 BB or moreDC
3/82 BBOR
3/15ABCD ScrambleMG
3/22-3/23LWGA Member/MemberMW/MG
3/291BB Gross 1 BB NetTP
4/51BB HCP holes 1-9, 2BB HCP 10-18MW
4/121 BBPA
4/192 BB Front 1 BB BackOR
4/261 BB or MoreDC
5/101BB Evens 2 BB OddsPA
5/17May Luncheon – ABCD ScrambleTP/PA
5/241BB HCP holes 1-9, 2BB HCP 10-18OR
5/312 BBMW
6/7National Women’s Golf Day
/ Individual Stableford
6/14Pick Your Partner 1 BB or MoreOR
6/211 BBDC
6/281 BB Gross 1 BB NetTP