Focused on its mission, “Promoting Excellence in Golf and Fellowship among our Members,” the Landings Women’s Golf Association (LWGA) offers its many members organized weekly play days, invitational tournaments that introduce Savannah-area golfing women to our courses, popular annual tournaments that expose members to different game formats, friendly competition and opportunities to support worthy local causes through its philanthropic initiatives. Established in 1974, LWGA is proud to be one of the largest, Club-based, amateur women’s golf organization.

LWGA members extend themselves and their efforts way beyond the game of golf.  The past few years have been extraordinary in terms of charitable contributions both to community-based organizations and to Landings based funds.  There are four initiatives that are particularly worth mentioning.  Over the past 16 years, the annual Golf for a Cure event has contributed nearly one million dollars.  This donation  has been used  for preventative cancer research and treatment of cancer patients of all genders and ages.  The results of the research are shared worldwide.  Not only is this golf event great fun, but also generates considerable revenues for a very worthwhile cause.