Golf Genius Scoring Q & A

Why are we using Golf Genius?

Golf Genius is fun to use and very user friendly. It is a wonderful tool for pairings, games and scoring for LWGA and it will cut down on the number of volunteers needed and time spent before and after play by volunteers. It automatically calculates your team’s gross and net scores for you.

Is there an app for my phone? 

Yes. Most of us have downloaded the app – the icon is orange with a white tee and golf ball. It’s free in the App Store for Apple phones and tablets or Google play for Android phones and tablets.


How can I prepare for play before Tuesday morning? 

Go to our website ( and look at the Starters Report. You will find your group listed and there is a Golf Genius I.D. (GGID) listed for your group. To get familiar with the scorecard, you might find it useful to play around a little with the app and be prepared for Tuesday morning.

What do I have to do when I arrive at the course? 

Someone in your group should pick up a paper scorecard and keep score the traditional way. One person should keep score using Golf Genius. Just enter the GGID on the app to get going. You do not need to sign in. Also, it is ok if more than one person wants to keep score using Golf Genius. Just make sure the score at the end of the round is correct.

How do I enter the scores for my group? 

Simply put in the scores as you would on a paper scorecard. If you make a mistake, there is a place to correct it. After all scores are in for that hole, press Save Scores and move on to the next hole. To correct a score, click “Clear” and re-enter the correct score. To return to a previous hole, click on the arrows to the left or right of the current hole number.

Do I have to figure Net score for the game we are playing? 

No, that’s the genius of it. Your net score will be figured as you go along, using the game being played.

What do we do when we are finished playing? 

Reconcile your Golf Genius score with the paper scorecard. If there is an error, correct it on Golf Genius.

What do we do with Golf Genius when we are finished? Do I need to “send” it somewhere? 

Again, the ‘genius’ will take care of that for you. Your score is now in the system and can be accessed by the scorekeepers.

Do I need to do something with the paper scorecard? 

No again – UNLESS, you have someone on the scorecard that was not listed in your original Golf Genius group.

Example: Let’s say you were a foursome to start, but one of your players dropped out just before play. If no one is added to your group, please keep the score on Golf Genius for the three of you and leave the line blank for the other person. If someone was added to your group, her name should be added to the paper scorecard only. You will still keep Golf Genius for three players and on the paper scorecard keep the score for all four of you. The scorekeeper will adjust it all later.

What about taking a picture of my scorecard and sending it to someone? 

Please only do this if your paper scorecard is different from the Golf Genius scorecard. If your foursome had no changes, all we need is the Golf Genius record. If your threesome had no changes, all we need is the Golf Genius record.

The only time you need to email or text a picture of your paper scorecard is when a change has been made to your original group, such as a player was added.

If I need to send a picture of my paper scorecard, when does it have to be in? 

Immediately. As soon as you are finished playing, please email or text a picture of the paper scorecard, IF there were some changes from the original group.

Where can I see how our group did? 

Golf Genius has a Leaderboard that you can access at any time – even while you are playing. Take a look after play and the winners will be listed. Of course, our human scorekeepers may have to make some changes if there were any additions of players that Golf Genius did not know about. The final standings are always posted on the LWGA website.

I am frustrated. Who can I call? 

Please call Leta Martin about any scoring questions. We all have had some frustrating moments with this new program; it will take a little time to work the kinks out but we want you to enjoy the simplicity of Golf Genius, so call Leta if you have any questions:  598-2545 or 407-782-7083.