Golf Genius Tip Sheet

Here are some simple tips for using the Golf Genius electronic scorecard. Please download it before Tuesday on your phone – the app is orange with a white ball on a tee.

1. Enter the GGID (Golf Genius ID code.) This six-letter code is on the starter’s report on and on your paper scorecard. (You do NOT enter your email or use a personal login.)

2. Follow the message: “tap your name to get started.” The app then displays all team members and your starting hole.

3. Enter the GROSS scores and press SAVE SCORES. Golf Genius then proceeds to the next hole. Be sure to hit SAVE SCORES

4. When you complete your last hole, you are done. There is no “submit” or “finish” button.

5. Go to the scorecard to view individual scores and go to the leaderboard to see your team score (plus/minus.)

Helpful Tips:

To view the electronic scorecard, click on the black lines on the upper left corner and select “scorecards” from the menu. To view the leaderboard, click on the black lines and select “leaderboard” from the menu and tap one of the “LWGA Net” boxes. To correct a score, click on “clear” and re-enter the correct score. To return to a previous hole, click on the arrows to the left or right of the current hole number

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