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Golf Genius Scoring Instructions:

Using Golf Genius during Tuesday play: 

NOTE: these instructions assume that you have already downloaded the Golf Genius App on your smartphone. 

  1. Find the GGID on your scorecard or on the starter’s report:
  2. On your smartphone, open the Golf Genius App.
  3. Select the option to SIGN IN USING GGID.
  4. Enter the GGID and click “SIGN IN”.
  5. Select your name.
  6. Record the scores for each hole and click SAVE.
  7. When your round is over, select Tee Sheets from the menu in the upper left.
  8. Compare the scores in Golf Genius to the scores on the paper scorecard.
  9. When everything is checked, you are finished the process.
  10. If you wish to see the real-time leaderboard, select Leaderboard from the menu in the upper left. Keep in mind, ties will not be broken until the scoring is completed (two or three hours after completion of play)
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