LWGA News / TWATL / July 25

Sue Decker

What do Hepburn and Tracy, Ricky and Lucy, and Sonny and Cher have to do with golf?  Pairings for our weekly tournaments is a big job and one that involves Golf Genius, Landings Club Tournament Chair Andrew Ward, LWGA Tournament Chair Beverley Lombard, LWGA Golf Genius Chair Sue Decker and Sue’s volunteers.

Golf Genius is an app used by many clubs, golf associations, and leagues to manage golf tournaments.  LWGA started using the system last fall for scoring and now Golf Genius automatically posts LWGA Tuesday scores to GHIN.  It also features a real-time live leaderboard which runs during tournaments.

To schedule LWGA’s Tuesday games, Bev works several months in advance to select the games and schedule the courses and tee times with Andrew.  He then sets up the schedule and registration on Golf Genius.  

Once registration closes on Thursdays, Andrew imports the roster and builds the flights based on handicap index and tee selection. Of note, Skidaway and Island players generally have their own flights.   Andrew will also try to balance two walkers and two riders and vary which flight goes out first.

Andrew then sends the reports to Bev and Sue who may tweak the roster, i.e., making sure a new member is playing with her buddy.

On Friday, Andrew prints scorecards and other reports, which Sue or one of her volunteers picks up.  The volunteer monitors cancellations and the waitlist on LWGA.net. Cancellations are removed from the roster, and every effort is made to include everyone on the waitlist.  Teams are then notified of the changes.  Final updates to the scorecards, flight list report, starter’s report, and Golf Genius are made late afternoon on Monday.  

Tuesday morning, the volunteer delivers the paperwork and scorecards to the starter.  After the round, the volunteer confirms scorecards and scores, addresses any scoring issues, emails the winner’s report to TWATL, posts the scores to GHIN, and records the blinds on LWGA.net (to avoid having the same person repeatedly act as a blind). 

As you can see, setting up our weekly games is complicated and requires a true partnership between the club and the LWGA.  What can LWGA members do to help?  If you need to cancel, please do so by Thursday noon!

Successful pairings in movies, TV, music or golf require a strong team backing them up.  A big shout out to Andrew, Bev, Sue and her volunteers!  Thank you!  You all do a great job!

Tips for speeding up play

As members, we are expected to complete a round in under 4 hours.  Our goal is to enhance the playing experience by doing the following:

  • Play “ready” golf, no need to ask permission except in Match Play
  • Keep up with the group in front of you, not behind you
  • Plan your shot while walking to your ball or while others are playing
  • “Hit then sit” when sharing golf cart (put clubs away when you get to the other player’s ball), record score on the way to next hole
  • Park your cart and search for your ball on foot
  • Play your ball, then help others search
  • Fill divots/fix ball marks when waiting to play
  • Have one player take control of the flagstick
  • Park golf cart/trolley behind green for speed of play
  • Know the USGA Rules of Golf and Local Rules