LWGA Golf for a Cure

April 23, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s new for the Golf for a Cure (GFAC) tournament this year?

This year, GFAC will build on LWGA’s prior year successes in a number of ways:

  • We are inviting members of LMGA and L9GA to participate in the event in order to increase revenues for cancer research.
  • To accommodate for the increased participation, we will replace the morning shotgun start with an afternoon shotgun start (1:30 at the P courses, and 1:00 or 1:15 at the others). In lieu of a luncheon, we will have a cocktail reception following play (or, in case of rain, at 5:30) at Plantation Clubhouse.
  • We are implementing a new, online system to register for the event and buy raffle tickets and sponsorships. This online system is simple to use, efficient and saves costs, all of which mean more money for cancer research.
  • Registrations and online purchases of raffle tickets and sponsorships will be charged to members’ Club Accounts, eliminating the need for handling all those checks!
  • Raffle ticket sales this year will end prior to the date of the tournament, and an automated drawing of raffle prize winners will take place. Raffle prize winners will be notified with instructions on when and where to pick up their prizes. This process eliminates the long lines for raffle ticket purchases at the time of tournament check-in and the cumbersome task of manually drawing raffle prize winners while people are on the course.
  • With a tax deductible donation of $100, this year non-golfers may attend the cocktail reception at Plantation. (See below for cost and other details.)

How do I register for GFAC?

Registration opens on February 1. On or before that date, LWGA, LMGA and L9GA members will have received an email blast that includes instructions on how to register, including a password for accessing the Main GFAC page on the LWGA website. Members of LWGA, LMGA and L9GA will form their own four-person teams and designate a Team Captain who will register the team by completing the Team Registration Form via the Main GFAC page.

Anyone who runs into problems with registering his or her team should contact Cindy Altman, Cynthia.altman@gmail.com.

In addition, we will have a team present at the LWGA luncheon on February 19 to help people register.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is $100 per person, or $400 per team. Registration fees are fully tax deductible.

May I pay my registration fee by check?


In prior years, people have registered for GFAC by writing checks directly to the charity (e.g., Mercer University School of Medicine).  This year, registration fees will be charged to registrants’ Club Accounts. This new system reduces dramatically the number of checks we have to deal with and the corresponding administrative burden of accounting for them. The new system is much simpler, more efficient and saves costs.

If the registration fee is charged to my Club Account, will it still be tax deductible?

 Yes. Registration fees are fully tax deductible, the same as in prior years. It is not necessary to write a check to Mercer University School of Medicine in order for the payment to qualify for a tax deduction.

Here’s how it works:

The Landings Club is going to send one check to Mercer on behalf of all the registrants and online purchasers of tax deductible sponsorships, along with a list of their names, addresses, and the amounts of their respective donations. When Mercer receives the check and list of donors, Mercer will send tax acknowledgement letters to each donor, just as they have done in prior years. Each letter will include the amount of that individual’s tax deductible donation and Mercer’s tax ID number.

How do I buy raffle tickets and/or Sponsorships?

 Individual team members may buy raffle tickets and sponsorships, including hole signs to honor a friend or loved one, online via the Main GFAC page on the LWGA website.

Look for the email blast that was sent out on February 1 that includes the password for accessing that page. If you have trouble locating the password, contact Anne Warhola, annewarhola@msn.com.

Online purchases of raffle tickets and Sponsorships will be charged to members’ Club Accounts.

Golfers and non-golfers alike may also purchase raffle tickets at semi-weekly raffle ticket sales. Look for announcements of raffle ticket sales dates, times and locations.

I am part of a group that wants to pitch in and buy a hole sign together. How do I do that?

 Groups that want go in together to buy hole signs have a couple of options. First, they can designate one person to buy the sign for the group online at the GFAC page. The purchase will be charged to that person’s Club Account, and that person will receive a tax acknowledgement letter from Mercer.

Second, the group members may each write checks made out to Mercer University School of Medicine for their share of the price for the hole sign. The group’s checks, along with the requested language to be included on the sign, should be tubed to Linda Rubin at 8 Southerland Road. Each individual group member will receive a tax acknowledgement letter from Mercer for his or her share of the contribution.

What is the cost of the reception?

The cost to attend the reception is $30, which will be charged to members’ Club Accounts. When you register for the tournament, you are automatically registered for the reception, too.

 If I cannot attend the reception, how do I cancel?

 To cancel the reception, contact Carole Sangalli, carolesang42@gmail.com.  Cancellation must be received by 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, to avoid the $30 charge for the reception.

If I am not playing in the tournament, may I attend the reception?

 Yes! By making a tax deductible $100 donation to Mercer, all Club members may attend the cocktail reception at Plantation Clubhouse following play (or, in case of rain, at 5:30) on April 23. The $30 charge for the reception and the donation will be charged to members’ Club Accounts.

Club members who aren’t playing golf but would like to attend the reception should contact Carole Sangalli, carolesang42@gmail.com.

What will be provided at the reception?

 The reception will include heavy hors d’oeuvres and desserts in order to provide a light supper.  Food stations will be placed throughout the venue to provide a variety of items prepared by Chef Sam Brod and his team.  A member bar will also be available.

If the tournament is rained out on April 23, will the reception be postponed?

 No. The reception will take place rain or shine on April 23. The reception will begin immediately following play on April 23 or, in the event of rain, the reception will start at 5:30.

 If I am having trouble registering my team or buying raffle tickets or Sponsorships on the LWGA website, what should I do?

 As designed, it is our hope that the online system will be as easy to manage as any other type of online shopping! It’s just a matter of clicking buttons to register teams, buy raffle tickets and/or sponsorships.

 Having said that, this is the first year of implementing the new online system, so we are prepared to handle glitches and assist anyone runs into problems with the website. If you have any trouble, don’t panic! Just contact Cindy Altman, Cynthia.altman@gmail.com, for assistance, and she will take care of you.

We also will have a team at LWGA’s February 19 luncheon to help people register their teams.

May teams made up of a mix of LWGA and L9GA members play in the tournament?

 Yes. Please email to Anne Warhola, annewarhola@msn.com, the names of your team members and the tees from which your group will play (Course tees or Skidaway tees), and she will register your team.

 Who is on the GFAC planning committee this year?

Anne Warhola, Chair
Syd Britt, Co-chair
Lori Lillienthal, Sponsorships Chair
Carole Sangalli, Social Chair
Debbie Leecock, Social Co-chair
Sherron Gladden, Publicity Chair
Joanne Wells-Oates, Publicity Co-Chair
Linda Rubin, Finance Chair
Lauren Knoblach, Finance Co-Chair
Gretchen Nazaruk, Raffle Ticket Sales Chair
Mary Molnar, LWGA Webmaster
Cindy Altman, IT Specialist
Marianne Schutz, Raffle Prize Solicitations Chair

If you have additional questions, please contact Anne Warhola, annewarhola@msn.com.