LWGA History

History of the LWGA

The Landings Women’s Golf Association (LWGA) began in 1974 and has grown from thirty-four women to approximately 450.  We are a well-organized group who enjoys the game of golf and looks forward to meeting and getting to know others who also love the game.

LWGA play occurs every Tuesday with a shotgun start beginning at either 8:45 AM or 9:00 AM.  Members are grouped by handicap into 10 flights with Flights 1-5 and 6-10 playing on two different courses.  Each week different competitive, fun formats are played and winners are awarded points toward Pro Shop purchases.  During the year there are five Tuesdays when play is followed by a general meeting of our association and a luncheon.

The LWGA Chair is a voting member of The Landings Club Golf Committee and the Vice Chair is involved with each of our special tournaments, making each officer an integral part of decision making that is related to golfing issues island wide.  Our calendar/fiscal year runs from January 1st through December 31st and officers and committee chairs change annually.

Four major tournaments are sponsored by the LWGA each year:  the Member-Member Tournament and the Cancer Tournament in the spring, the Interclub Tournament in the summer and the Bouchillon Match-Play Tournament in the fall.

In addition, The Landings Club sponsors the Moon River Classic in the fall (a woman’s invitational tournament), the Husband/Wife Club Championship in the summer and the Ladies Club and Senior Club (for members over 55) Championship.

Annual dues of $45.00 per year include $5.00 for the Hole-In-One Fund.  Members must be part of a household with a current Golf Membership and have a USGA index of 32.9 or less, established either from their previous club or at The Landings.  All members must maintain a current USGA Handicap index of at least 32.9 to compete in LWGA events, and that index will be the maximum allowed in any LWGA sponsored tournament.