Golf is Fun!

By Holly Taylor

Gail Wickstrom

LWGA Chair Gail Wickstrom has a very lofty goal for 2018: she wants to make golf fun!

The LWGA will introduce a new flight in March featuring a combo of the course-named tees and the Skidaway tees.  Gail hopes this will encourage women to resume LWGA play, coax new golfers to join LWGA and free others to play the tees from which they will most enjoy the game.

“I was on the board when we started the Skidaway flights and tees, and it brought back more golfers who had previously dropped out,” said Gail. LWGA tournaments now include Skidaway flights, too.

Gail’s mission is both personal and pragmatic. Gail has undergone hip and knee replacements caused by arthritis. Her handicap, she said, “is all over the map,” but she plays LWGA weekly from the course-named tees, has a great swing and is a delightful partner.

Come to the February 20 luncheon to hear more about the new flight. Gail also hopes to draw more members to luncheons by continuing to mix up the tables and dispensing quickly with LWGA business so women can chat with new and old friends.

Q & A with Gail:

Why do you love golf?  “I am also an artist, so when I’m in a golf cart, I always have my camera and draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the courses. I also like the handicap system. It’s the great equalizer. Anyone can play with anyone.”

Favorite hole: It’s a tie between Palmetto #7 and Oakridge #15  (aka the cemetery hole)

Years at The Landings: 26

Years with LWGA: 18

Prior life: Owned and operated with her husband, Tim, a Ford dealership in Barrington, IL, which their sons now run. They return to Illinois for three months.

Register now for the February 20 scramble and/or luncheon and don’t forget your peanut butter for the America’s Second Harvest. To register for lunch only, go to and click on Administration/Member Forms/Lunch only sign-up. Fill out the form online and it is automatically emailed to Bobbie Daniel.